sabato 2 luglio 2011

Avant Window Navigator (cool) dock

(working on every slackware64 version, also tested on 13.37)
version 0.4.0 available

Without loosing in a stupid monologue about what is and why it is the best, I prepared a screenshot of the application and, of course, Slackware64 (13.37) packages you need to use the beautiful dock Avant Window Navigator.

Avant Window Navigator (highly personalized)
Vala (0.12.0)(new)
GObject-introspection (0.10.6)(new)
ORBit2 (2.14.19)(new)
GConf (2.32.4)(new)
libgtop (2.24.0)(new)
Bazaar (2.1.0)(new)
pyxdg (0.18)(new)
libdesktop-agnostic (0.3.92) (new)
Avant Window Navigator (0.4.0)(new)

All packages are mandatory. If you do not know if you just have these packages installed, I suggest you to use the command (from super user, as suggested by #):
# upgradepkg --install-new *.txz

in order to upgrade an eventually existing package, or install if you have not older versions of them.

You need a composite desktop manager (you would need to enable compositing in KDE, XFCE or GNOME).


Avant Window Navigator settings

I have to say thanks to all SlackBuilds community, of which I am a little working contributor.

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