domenica 25 marzo 2012

AWN extras

(working on Slackware64, should work on any Slackware64 version: just try, tested on current multilib)
version 0.4.0 available

You could live without other window manager typical panels, but only with Avant Window Navigator. Before installing following packages, ensure you've installed a working copy of Avant Window Navigator ← surf the link.
Afterwards, all you need is to install following packages:

Vala (0.12.0)
Python-dateutil (1.5)
Gdata (2.0.10)
Vobject (0.8.1c)
AWN Extras (0.4.0)

All packages are mandatory. If you do not know if you just have these packages installed, I suggest you to use the command (from super user, as suggested by #):
# upgradepkg --install-new *.txz

in order to upgrade an eventually existing package, or install if you have not older versions of them.

I have to say thanks to all SlackBuilds community, of which I am a little working contributor.

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