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Compiz on Slackware64

(working on every slackware64 version, also tested on 13.37)
version 0.8.8 available

If you have a Slackware64 distribution installed on your computer and you want to enhance and speed-up your work, a 3D desktop window manager like Compiz is what you should look for.
Actually, a lot of useless but funny effects are included, so you might want to use Compiz just to cheer your computer experience.

In this brief post, I share with you all compiz binaries you will need in order to install and use Compiz on a perfect distrubution as Slackare64 is.
Download all the 64bit version packages listed:
Protobuf 2.4.1  (new)
Libcompizconfig 0.8.8   (new)
Compiz config python 0.8.4   (new)
Compiz bcop 0.8.8   (new)
Compiz config settings manager 0.8.4   (new)
Compiz plugins (main) 0.8.8   (new)
Compiz plugins (extra) 0.8.8   (new)
Compiz plugins (unsupported) 0.8.8   (new)
Compiz config backend kconfig4 0.8.8   (new)
Emerald window decorator 0.8.8   (new)
Emerald themes 0.6.0  (new)
Compiz fusion icon   (new)

Just download them all.
First, go to the terminal, gain administrative privileges (super user) to act as root user:
$ su

Put the root password to go on and install all packages:
# installpkg protobuf-2.3.0-x86_64-4_SBo_ngl.txz

and so on. Or if they are the only txz files in the directory you've downloaded them, you can install all the packages in one command:
# installpkg *.txz

Exit from super user, you don't need root privileges from now on.

Do not start compiz right now or your windows will be undecorated.
Once compiz is installed on your Slackware64 distribution, the first thing to do is activate Windows decoration through the CCSM.
Launch the CCSM from the command line using:
$  ccsm &

or search "CompizConfig Settings Manager" through the applications in the main menu and activate Windows decoration.

A screenshot here will help you.
CompizConfig Settings Manager

Here activate the Window Decoration. I suggest you to customize everything else you are tempted to click after your compiz is correctly running.

Close the CCSM window.
Instead of running compiz using the "compiz --replace & exit" command from a shell, you can launch the compiz fusion icon. From the command line
$ fusion-icon

or, again, search for "Compiz Fusion Icon" through the applications in the main menu.

The icon will appear together with the other system icons, as the following screenshot illustrates, right click on it and select Compiz window manager.
Fusion icon

When compiz runs, start CCSM again (you might prefer to launch it by clicking "Settings Manager" menu item in the fusion icon menu) and customize your new powerful 3D window manager.

I have to say thanks to M.Dinslage as a guide to compile compiz sources as well as all SlackBuilds community, of which I am a little working contributor.

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